This Week

Forget what I said about Autumn. It seems Dublin decided to make a liar out of me and displayed some of its finest weather yet. Want proof, here you go.

Lucille and I soaked up every bit of the sunshine. Who knew shadows could provided so much entertainment.

I had rather a frantic start to the week and what better time to make changes to my diet right? To my surprise it was. Instead of heading full on into keto (which had worked for me in the past) I decided to make one or two changes instead of changing everything! I cut out all artificial sugar and reduced my carbohydrate intake. Oh and I also increased my intake of good fats, so three changes. Like I said last week I know this cycle well. I initially aim too high and if I’m lucky I manage these changes for a few weeks, I feel the benefits and start rewarding my efforts and then you know where this ends up. Longevity is key so I’m starting small. I did a rough meal plan for the week and made sure I had enough food and snacks to avoid temptation. I allowed myself one treat over the weekend and instead of eating the entire packet of biscuits I had one and enjoyed every last crumb. What made it even more delicious was that Lucille was asleep and I had more than five minutes to drink my coffee and do my makeup. What I noticed this week was that I was clearly ready for these changes and that’s why the week was a success. I didn’t feel I was depriving myself, I felt like I had more energy and overall saw some of the health issues that I’ve faced the past month reduce,  even just slightly. Here’s hoping the week ahead brings the same amount of success.

Despite the frantic start I somehow managed to have the odd glance at fashion week(s) and from what I saw there were some dreamy images. Erdem never disappoints.

And how could I forget my love of GIFs. I’ll let you fill in the blanks.

Have a good week.



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