What day is it today?

This week, last week and the week before that

I have been on holidays via osmosis since my parents arrived in August. Life has been busy without us doing very much. As a result of my fake holiday I have been in limbo land, feeling like I’m having a break but still participating in all the usual responsibilities of life. With any family visit, especially those coming from the opposite side of the world, there is the horrid part of saying goodbye which takes an equal amount of time to recover from so you can understand why I have no idea what day it is let alone know how it is September already. Instead of a weekly round up here are all sorts of things that happened in the past month.

It’s fair to say August was all about Lucille and my parents visit. If we weren’t watching and playing with Lucille we were all talking about her! It was very special to see my parents and Lucille get to know each other outside of a computer screen. Amazing how it can feel like an eternity waiting for visits like these and yet within the blink of an eye, we are back to our weekly Skype chats and Lucille in typical Lucille style is now even more eager to say ‘hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi’ to her Nonno and Nonna.

Mr B and I managed a night away while we had babysitters at our disposal and while it was good in theory, the reality of it was very different. We had never left Lucille over night and oh my word the stress of it. Granted it was all my own stress but for someone who likes her own space (and has missed it desperately since becoming a parent) leaving her felt like the most unnatural thing to do. Why did I do it if I was so upset about it? Well that’s the thing about parenthood, you have no idea how you will react to certain situations and this was one of them. We all survived, Lucille had a great time with her Nonno and Nonna and I did eventually relax and stop crying into my bubbles.

I’ve no major fashion news of my own (fashion weeks are in full swing if you are interested) other than the fact that after a month of eating and drinking to my heart’s content, I want to cry if wearing anything other than my pjs. No regrets as mum’s jam biscuits and my favourite Australian goodies are always welcome but my body, skin and mind are now telling me enough is enough. Feeling desperate for an instant pick me up (replacing clothes for food here) I managed a little jaunt to some high street chains and I tell you, I felt one hundred times worse leaving them. I tried on a few bits but nothing felt right. Material felt cheap, tailoring was non existent and I wondered why I would bother, so I didn’t. Instead I’ve decided to pay more attention to what I’m eating and reevaluate how I can fit some exercise into my week. I have absolutely no idea how to do this but eating well in itself just won’t cut it. It sure is going to be a tough few weeks ahead but I know this cycle well and small steps works best for me. I’ll keep you posted and if anyone else is finding themselves in a similar situation I’d love to hear from you.

One thing that has caught me off guard the past few weeks is that while I was on my fake holiday, the seasons changed and I was absolutely not ready for it. I don’t feel like we had a proper summer here in Dublin (I probably say that every year) so I’m very sad to be putting dresses like this away.

Lucille is finding her own way to transition into Autumn and it is the perfect timing considering she is so eager to get her own clothes and shoes off and everyone else’s on.

Taking a break from Lucille for just a moment, if my visit to Paris to see the Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams exhibition taught me anything it was that travelling to see such amazing spectacles is always a good idea and I now have the Tim Walker: Wonderful Things exhibition showcasing at the V&A museum in London in my sites. I’m not sure I am going to be able to resist this one.

If the month wasn’t busy enough I have taken on my most exciting project yet and Lucille has been an excellent assistant.

Have a great week.



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