Dublin Design Night

Dublin Design Night Last week I got myself off the couch, on a Wednesday night if you can believe, put on my red shoes  and hit the streets of Dublin to attend Dublin Design Night . I read about it a few weeks back and thought it would be fun, so I dragged Hilda from Hilda by … Continue reading Dublin Design Night


Colour me crazy

Colour me crazy Adult colouring books and no, not the dirty kind! I made a surprising purchase recently, adult colouring books. I had seen these around the last six months or so and it is one of those things that once you see one, you see them everywhere. There are different schools of thought on … Continue reading Colour me crazy

Orange is the new red

Orange is the new red This week's #OOTW is not technically an outfit but a colour. Orange has the crown this week and although it is not a colour I usually wear (clothing wise), it is a shade I like and thanks to a little goodie I received during the week, I was reminded to get my orange on. The goodie I speak … Continue reading Orange is the new red