Scrapbook #4

Scrapbook #4   I've had one of those weeks where I can't get anything done.  My head is still in Paris and my 'To do list' is getting longer and longer. I had a burst of energy last weekend and tried some DIY projects, did some gardening and enjoyed the sunshine. However, I peaked too soon! … Continue reading Scrapbook #4


Orange is the new red

Orange is the new red This week's #OOTW is not technically an outfit but a colour. Orange has the crown this week and although it is not a colour I usually wear (clothing wise), it is a shade I like and thanks to a little goodie I received during the week, I was reminded to get my orange on. The goodie I speak … Continue reading Orange is the new red


Hello and welcome to lovetomtom, I am an Australian/Italian living in Dublin, I love food, my family and friends, making things and anything to do with clothes, shoes, styling, make-up, accessories and everything else that comes under the umbrella of fashion. When I thought about writing this blog the first thing I wondered was 'who is … Continue reading lovetomtom