Beauty Bag

Beauty Bag

Clinique x Marimekko

My beauty bag is looking extra healthy the past few months with some new products taking centre stage on my bathroom shelf. Just before Lucille was born I was in desperate need for a pick me up and it was perfect timing as Clinique had collaborated with Marimekko and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on what was on offer. Continue reading


Beauty Bag

Beauty Bag


I’ve been experimenting with moisturisers the past little while and I tell you, I fear I’ve been missing out! I thought I had worked out my skin care routine and was happy with how my skin was looking but it seems I’ve been doing things all wrong.

I tend not to pay too much attention to moisturisers mostly because I feel the skin care products I use provide me with enough moisture. I’ve been mistaken. Recently a friend gave me a sample of the new Vichy Slow Âge rangeActually she gave me two products to try; the cream moisturiser and the fluid moisturiser. I used both products and couldn’t tell the difference between them. But either way, I did notice a huge difference in my skin. Using the moisturisers day and night I felt my skin was much softer, my make-up seemed to apply better and overall my skin looked fresh and plump. All clichéd terms when it comes to skin care but I can’t think of a better way to describe it. Continue reading

The reviews are in

The good, the bad and the just ok

A few weeks ago you may have seen this picture 


‘Something old, something new, nothing borrowed but something blue’

The title says it all really. A few of you have asked for a review of these products so here goes. 

Let’s start off with my something old, MAC Prolong Wear Foundation. This is a staple for me and has been for years. While I was using up every single drop of my last bottle, I thought I’d trial some new foundations, just for the fun of it. There were some nice ones but it’s hard not to come back to MAC. At the moment I have oily skin (T-zone) and feel a bit pasty with the lack of sunshine and this foundation works a treat. I like to match my foundation as close as possible to my skin and NC25 is as good as I can get. For me, this foundation is easy to blend, has good staying power and a little goes a long way. You can see why I always go back to it. 

Prolong Wear Foundation

Next up Benefit’s Roller Lash Mascara (by the time this goes out it will have hit the shelves). I’m a huge fan of Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara so I was intrigued with their latest product. I’ve never really had an issue with curls when it comes to my lashes so I was more interested in the wand. I should say that I always curl my lashes, regardless of what mascara I use. Overall, it was a good product and I did like the wand, especially for my bottom lashes but when it comes to mascara, I’m looking for more thickness and volume so for the price this product isn’t for me. As with They’re Real mascara, you are going to either love or hate this product. 

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara

On to my new products. I’ll start with the samples given to me by the lovely staff at The Body Shop. First is the Vitamin C Microdermabrasion. I  actually had another exfoliant in mind but with a free sample how could I not give this a go first? When I think of exfoliants the first thing that comes to mind is harsh beads scraping against my skin but this product is far from that. It has a texture like fine sand and feels lovely on the skin. The citrus smell is nice and not overpowering and the product really does all the work for you, so a gentle massage is key here. There are a few claims to this product but the only one that I can honestly say works for me is that it leaves my skin smooth and soft. I think if you are into hardcore exfoliants this may not be for you. I’m still undecided if I will purchase this product but for now, I am enjoying using it.

The Body Shop samples

The Vitamin E Sink In Moisture Mask was the other sample I got. This mask is jelly-like in texture and you apply it like a moisturiser, perfect for me. I use this after I exfoliate and I have to say it is a winner! I’m really no good at trialing products properly as I want to use them all at once, but I feel this product does wonders for my skin. I don’t really know if my skin is ‘hydrated’ or not, or if it is the combination of the right skincare routine, but when I use this in the evening, my skin in the morning is so smooth and feels really fresh. 

Another new product, The Body Shop Seaweed Deep Cleasning Facial Wash. This is by far (besides the foundation) my favourite of the bunch. It has a gel-like texture but nothing too thick or sticky. I’m not one for perfumes but this has a pleasant scent and is subtle enough that I don’t really notice it. I usually take my makeup off with a cleansing water first and then go in for a cleanse with this facial wash. The product is so refreshing on the skin and once I’ve massaged it all over my face and neck I remove it with a wash cloth. This is aimed for oily skin and I have really noticed the difference. Definitely a keeper! 

The last of my skincare goodies is my something blue, Vichy Aqua Thermal Serum.  I had read some good reviews of this product and to be honest it was the cheaper of the two serums I wanted to try so I thought I would give it a go first. This is really a great product and I definitely feel its effects. My skin is noticeably smoother and it feels great! Unfortunately there is one downside. This product (to me) is so heavily perfumed I find it almost unbearable. For anyone who doesn’t mind a fragrance, I would highly recommend it but if you’re anything like me, a fragrance can be a deal breaker. I only get the scent on application so I am persisting with it because of how great it feels on my skin. At this stage I’m going to suck it up and stick with it for as long as my nose can bear. 

Something old something new, nothing borrowed but something blue

Because I’ve tried a few new products all at once it’s hard to tell if one product is working better than another. Since I’ve started using these products and refined my skincare routine (cleansing water,  cleanse, serum and moisturiser morning and night, and then once or twice a week, replace the serum and moisturiser with the exfoliant and mask), I have really noticed my skin has improved. It’s less oily, is smoother and clogged pores and fine lines have reduced. Lots of words get thrown around when talking of skincare; plumper, tighter, hydrating, younger looking skin, but for me, whether it has improved because it’s tighter, plumper or because it’s younger looking (really?), all I know is that my skin feels better which means I feel better.

After all, isn’t that the point?

So I think I have rambled on enough. You know I’m always happy to chat about makeup and skincare so if you want to see more of these posts let me know and if you want to see less of these, let me know too!