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I’ve been experimenting with moisturisers the past little while and I tell you, I fear I’ve been missing out! I thought I had worked out my skin care routine and was happy with how my skin was looking but it seems I’ve been doing things all wrong.

I tend not to pay too much attention to moisturisers mostly because I feel the skin care products I use provide me with enough moisture. I’ve been mistaken. Recently a friend gave me a sample of the new Vichy Slow Âge rangeActually she gave me two products to try; the cream moisturiser and the fluid moisturiser. I used both products and couldn’t tell the difference between them. But either way, I did notice a huge difference in my skin. Using the moisturisers day and night I felt my skin was much softer, my make-up seemed to apply better and overall my skin looked fresh and plump. All clichéd terms when it comes to skin care but I can’t think of a better way to describe it.

I finished both of those and decided I’d keep trying moisturisers until I was ready to make a purchase. Next I tried REN’s Evercalm Global Protection Day Cream. It is actually the first time I’m using any product from this brand and I don’t know why as I’ve only heard good things about it. I wasn’t able to get a sample but I did find a travel size of this moisturiser so before I parted with forty euro (yikes!) I thought it was reasonable enough to part with sixteen euro. It has some lovely natural ingredients and  claims to calm, smooth and protect sensitive skin. All good so far. The texture is creamy but nothing too rich. It absorbs well into the skin and gives you the time to massage it into your face and neck before it all disappears. There is a down side of course and I almost feel predictable at this stage but boy does this moisturiser stink! I acknowledge that this may only be a problem for me but I feel I have to tell you just in case I’m not the only person who is anti-scent. It has a natural smell, nothing artificial but it is very very strong, almost overpowering. Thankfully I only get it on application and not throughout the day. On some days, this is a deal breaker and I can’t bear to open the tube, on other days I hold my nose and massage a tiny amount into my face and neck. The moisturiser is so good that I have persisted, generally only in the mornings as I find it difficult to sleep with this scent if I put it on at night.

I hope I haven’t put you off as it is a very good product. The fact that I have persisted tells you just how good it is. If you take no offence to scents I would definitely recommend it if you have sensitive skin. I have found that my skin has calmed, looks less aggravated and feels soft, smooth and healthy. I’m still working through the 20ml tube and am yet to decide if I will commit to the full size version. Overall, scent aside I am very impressed with this product and for the sake of beauty, a peg on my nose may be something I just have to live with.

If you have any recommendations for moisturisers I would love to hear them. I’m on a moisturiser buzz so hit me with your wisdom.



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