Sale Sale Sale!

The sales are here and it’s time to grab a bargain. In the past I’ve got my hands on some great winter bargains and I plan on doing the same this year. Yes I will keep my eye out for heavily reduced winter items, but this year I’m taking a slightly different approach.

Winter is not my favourite season it has to be said. The cold doesn’t bother me so much, more the rain and darkness. Overall though I think it’s because I feel I lose my style a little. I feel my wardrobe is limited because I’m too worried about being warm enough and ‘are my shoes waterproof?’  Somehow I always feel like I look like a sack.  With that in mind I’m approaching my winter wardrobe and the sales a bit differently. Instead of reaching for thick warm wooly jumpers, I’m concentrating on good quality basics for warmth and adding some lovetomtom style with cardigans, winter dresses, jewellery, tights, coloured boots and of course, lipstick!

I love shopping. Doesn’t matter if I have something specific to buy or just wandering the shops, I love it. Sales time is no different. I lose my patience a little with the crowds and the messiness of it all but hey, we’re all there to do the same thing. Sales time is great not only because of the price reductions but also because this is when I go out of my comfort zone. I try on things I normally wouldn’t, mostly because some items have been reduced so much that I think ‘why not!’. I have picked up some great pieces because of this attitude and I will have the same mentality this sales season. The other thing I try to keep in mind when hitting the rails is that I want to grab a bargain and a real bargain. To me a bargain is obviously something that is so heavily discounted but also that can be taken from season to season and worn in different ways. It should make me feel like I have bought more than I really have. If I’m going to part with my money it had better be worth it, sale or no sale!

I have only briefly ventured to the sales and with only a little trip I got my hands on two pieces that have quickly become favourites. No surprise but both pieces are monochrome and I will be wearing them autumn, winter and spring.

I am loving these pieces with my red boots, a bold lip or a gold smokey eye (not necessarily all at the same time!).

Sale sale sale



Happy shopping!



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