The wild west

(and not a cowboy in sight)

Lovely country side

The wild atlantic way, that’s were the wind took me. I was fortunate enough to pack my bags for a few days and explore Ireland’s west coast. The weather was terrible but I didn’t care. There was an open fire, a comfy couch and I had packed enough chocolate and wine to last me a month.

I knew I wasn’t going to be venturing far on my little break so I packed the bare essentials (pjs, favourite winter jumper and slippers). My makeup bag was equally sparse which is a surprise for me as I generally overpack on all occasions, doesn’t matter the destination or length of holiday.

I am well aware by now these little trips will include some kind of outdoor activity as chosen by my travel partner (Mr B to me; ‘Shall I pack your hiking boots?’ hint hint). I am not the most outdoorsy person and I struggle with the crazy idea of function over style when it comes to clothing for these Bear Grylls-like activities. No, I may not look the most stylish but I have found a few things that I am happy to wear, that keep the rain and wind out and help me feel like myself (sort of) when I’m out for one of our walks.  It just so happened the wild atlantic way did not disappoint, We ventured out for a walk on the beach and the wind and rain decided to join us too.

Seaside treasures

Nice rainy day for a walk on the beach


Nice rainy day for a walk

One of the most expensive things I have ever purchased is my fabulous winter coat. I spotted this beauty in Copenhagen last year and fell in love. I had been looking for a coat for sometime and there were a few that caught my eye but nothing seemed to tick all the boxes. My main issue with waterproof winter coats in general is that they aren’t very feminine. When I saw this coat I knew I was onto a winner. On the practical side, it is waterproof, windproof, just the right length, has a hood, is warm, my list goes on. As for the style well I couldn’t have designed it better myself. This coat to me feels like I have a lovely dress on. Drawstrings on a coat can be hit and miss, but on this one, it’s in just the right spot, creating a flattering shape. The bottom half of the coat balloons slightly which adds to the shape created by the drawstring. There is also a pretty design on the inside of the coat, not a necessity but a nice addition. The best part however is I have never seen another coat like it! I’m sure they exist but this to me feels unique. Coats can often be expensive so it is well worth doing your research. I knew I was going to get my money’s worth out of this one and I’m glad to say I’m on my second winter with it and still love it.

Cherry anyone?

The other item I bought for the winter was waterproof hiking boots and to this day I can’t say I feel the love for them. I found when looking for boots that I thought they were all a bit ugly. Quite often there is a lazy attempt to add femininity with some shade of pink. I’m not a fan of pink so this was no use to me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m well aware that I can’t go for a hike in my pretty red flats as this would be ‘wholly inappropriate footwear’ according to Mr B so in the end I went with a pair that were as plain as I could find. Although outdoor clothing is not really my style, it just means you have to be a bit more creative with adding your individual touch. Thank goodness for accessories like socks, gloves, hats, brooches and scarves.


As for makeup on these relaxed days, I still wear it. Regardless of what I’m doing, I need to like what I wear, make up included. I hardly ever have a bare face and that is by choice. So while I battled the wild west coast of Ireland, a bit of concealer, some mascara and pink lips got me through the days. Alongside a well deserved glass of wine and a piece of panettone by the fire.




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