You carry what in your handbag?


Handbags are not something I spend a lot of money on. I’m not sure why as I use them every day so you’d think it would be worth the investment. I don’t know if it is out of laziness or commitment but when I find a handbag I like, I use it until it’s falling to pieces. Stitching, tape or some kind of first aid, I’ll do whatever it takes to keep the bag alive.

I don’t think I’m lazy, so let’s stick with commitment. I’m committed because I am so picky when it comes to bags and often find it hard to pick one that has everything I want. I think this is why I’m yet to make that very special purchase of a designer handbag (that and the money of course and also the fact that I always thought I would make this purchase as a gift to myself when I had made some grand achievement. I’m still working on that one!) You know I like getting my money’s worth so if I’m going to reward myself with such a grand gift, it had better do more than just look good!

Right, back to regular, everyday handbags. I actually don’t have that many bags but the ones I have, I love. I tend to gravitate towards coloured bags as I like to have something to offset the black I often wear. I also don’t like my bag to match what I’m wearing so I’m happy for there to be a clash of colour or even better, a print or texture of some sort.

Big black bag

However, the last bag I purchased and the current one on repeat is a boring black bag. I bought this purely out of necessity. I was using a smaller bag at the time and found I ended up carrying my handbag, another shopping bag for other bits and then another bag for my lunch. I realised this was a bit ridiculous and I should just have a bag that holds everything I need, hence the big black boring bag. I shouldn’t speak so harshly about this bag as I do actually like it, but it’s on the way out so it’s time for a change. I love a big bag but the bigger it is, the more I fill it. I might find it hard to downsize as I my big bag tends to be rather full. You never know when you’ll need seven  lipsticks (I could be underestimating), dry shampoo, a phone charger, notebooks, an umbrella, sometimes shoes, my camera, food, to name just a few.

Green flower bag

Vintage bag

Red polka dot bag

In preparation for a new bag, I’m going to give equal time to the bags I have already and I have some real beauties. Better still, some of these have been given to me as gifts which makes them even more special and fun to carry around.

Blue & Cream bag

What do you carry in your bag?



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