When in Doubt Turn to Vintage

You know I have been rather stuck for inspiration these days when it comes to fashion. Never did I think I would look forward to the summer season ending (only in fashion terms of course) but I can’t wait to see what is coming next. I realised I haven’t bought anything new in quite some time and while that is good for a number of reasons, I have missed playing dress-ups.

When I get stuck for inspiration, I always turn to vintage. I know vintage is not for everyone but I love it and I mean proper vintage not something from last season.  Often I prefer the shapes and silhouettes of vintage pieces and I love imagining the story behind the garment. I have a few places in Dublin I head to when I’m in a vintage mood and it is a challenge not to buy everything I see. Thankfully I had my sensible head on (sort of) and hit a few charity stores first. My first stop was Vincent’s Charity Shop on George’s Street and I needn’t go any further; I struck gold!

Before I show you my find I have to be honest and say I broke one of my own shopping rules. Let me explain. One of my rules is that if something doesn’t fit, don’t buy it. I have a few exceptions to this rule and with vintage there has to be a little wriggle room. Often if something is too big, a belt will do the trick or if you can tailor your own clothes, buy away! I have bought a few vintage dresses over the years that were so cheap (and fabulous) that is was worth breaking my rule and getting them altered. These are exceptions of course and case in point with my latest vintage find.

This dress was so striking I think I would’ve knocked down Santa to get to it. The print caught my eye first and when I pulled it from the rack I couldn’t believe what I had found. Immediately I was thinking of all the ways I could style this beauty and how it would work perfectly with shoes and accessories I already own. It is a little big but for twelve euro, I couldn’t be without it. Once at home I had my own little fashion show and even though it is not a perfect fit, I am so glad this dress is mine!



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