Outfit of the week

Breaking all my rules!

Did you ever have one of those weeks when not once did you say ‘I have nothing to wear’? That was me last week. I’m in full summer mode and dresses that have been hanging in the wardrobe desperate to be worn are getting a good work out. My options for outfit of the week were plentiful but there was one clear winner.

Check out this fabulous vintage dress from one of my favourite Dublin spots Om Diva. The striking pattern, the style and at just ten euro I had to have it. But, buying it meant going against one of my shopping rules.




Unfortunately the dress was too big, more potato sack than dress but I could see it had potential. Now I don’t like to think there are rules when it comes to fashion but I do have a few when it comes to shopping and I have them because over the years I’ve learnt the hard way. Number one, don’t buy something that doesn’t fit. Sounds logical, rational, a no-brainer you say. Like I said, I’ve learnt the hard way! When it came to this dress, after my initial love-sick I can’t live without it moment I did think ‘Oh well it’s too big’. However, on closer inspection I knew that someone with better sewing skills than mine could bring out its glorious shape and one that works well for me. Thankfully I had just the woman in mind so with D’s sewing talents in mind how could I resist?!


Sometimes rules are meant to be broken!



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