Am I asking too much?

Foundation Am I asking too much? Every few months I revisit my foundation choice, usually because one day I get home and my face resembles that of an oily fish. I had one of those days recently and decided it was time for a rethink. My initial thoughts were that I should purchase a powder to 'set' my … Continue reading Am I asking too much?

Crooked eyeliner

A tale of the crooked winged liner  If you squint your eyes and tilt your head it kind of looks ok! For as long as I can remember I have envied anyone who can do a winged eyeliner. Mostly because it looks fabulous of course but more so because I can't do it! Doesn't matter how … Continue reading Crooked eyeliner

The world of skincare

The world of skincare according to lovetomtom Since the recent additions to my wardrobe (see 'My kind of luxury') I've had nothing but luxury on the brian.  Makeup and more recently skincare falls into that catergory and to tell you the truth I didn't always see it that way. The world of skincare can at times be daunting. … Continue reading The world of skincare