Orange is the new red

This week’s #OOTW is not technically an outfit but a colour.

Orange is the new red

Orange has the crown this week and although it is not a colour I usually wear (clothing wise), it is a shade I like and thanks to a little goodie I received during the week, I was reminded to get my orange on.

The goodie I speak of is this lovely notebook from Lidl. I was lucky enough to attend the preview of the Lidl SS15 collection and I have to say I can’t wait to get my hands on some of the pieces. I will do a proper review once they are out as it’s a bit of a tease to tell you about them now, but lets just say, you will be seeing me in lots of stripes and polka dots….my kind of collection!

It was a great night all round and to top it all off I walked away with this fabulous orange notebook. Inspiring quote and inspiring colour. Like I say I don’t generally wear orange but I like to incorporate it in small doses and once I started looking, I didn’t have to go too far.

Smashing Pumpkin

First up, nail polish. Nail polish to me is like lipstick, I never leave the house without it and to be honest I don’t play around with colours. I have my standards on rotation and I don’t venture far from them. Black, red and a deep burgundy. I have the odd variation, army green (that’s almost  black) and too many shades of red to count. Last summer I bought this fabulous Topshop nail polish in Smashing Pumpkin (no link available for this one, sorry but I have seen it in store) and it fast became a regular. It was a nice alternative to red without being too bright or daring, it’s more of a burnt orange. For some reason I completely forgot about it until I saw the orange notebook and I’m happy to say it is now back in rotation and I love it!

Bobbi Brown Orange

The other orange item I have is one of my favourite lipsticks from Bobbi Brown in the shade Orange. Again when I bought this I was looking for an alternative to red, something bold but not smack you in the face bright and this was perfect. It’s kind of the same situation with the nail polish, for whatever reason I pushed this to the bottom of my lipstick jar but it got a good work out this week and will stay top of the pile!

Orange pattern quilt cover

Interiors are another place that I like to see orange. Not necessarily as the main star, but as a subtle hint of colour in the background somehow, cushions, utensils etc. My current bedspread is a perfect example.  Just the right amount of colour without being overbearing. I bought this one in Kmart (Australia) so not expensive at all.

I’ve also got my eye on a coat which has a stunning orange lining but that might have to wait until next season; it is spring after all!

Thanks to Lidl and Roald Dahl for an unexpected but welcomed dose of inspiration.

“If you have good thoughts,

they will shine out of your

face like sunbeams and you

will always look lovely”

Roald Dahl



6 thoughts on “Orange is the new red

  1. In my opinion – Bobbi Brown has the best lipsticks – especially that range…. I am not fond of her “shimmers” .

  2. I am not a “matte girl” but I guess those Bobbi Brown lipsticks are not “glossy” … shall we say semi cream ? LOL I love cream lipsticks.
    Oh Charlo$$e Tilbury …. I have not tried her range . I know I could order it online but … I like to feel something in my hands before I do that. I have dry sensitive skin Jo so I have to be careful. The colours look amazing… I think she would sell really well in Australia.
    Your Mother could tell you that I am a big makeup lover … on “Casual Days” at high school I had so much stuff on the face I should have been put in jail … Pentridge was not far away! LOL
    Love Bourjois ….. the same factory that many Chanel cosmetic are made!
    I have their Healthy Mix Foundation BUT ….. the best foundation IMO is ….. no , not Chanel or Dior but Max Factor Ageless Elixir 2 in 1 Foundation and Serum. Wonderful for dry skin and I wonder if you could wear it too….. give it a try when in the chemist .
    If you find yourself at a Chanel counter ….. have a play with the Chanel Allure Velvet Lippies … they are matte and I think you might just get addicted! 🙂

    1. I’ve clearly met my match! I’m like you I like to feel and see things in person before I buy although I do think you would like the Charoltte Tilbury lipstick as it is semi matte but feels lovely and creamy on the lips.
      As for Chanel, well it is always on the wish list! It may just be my next lipstick purchase. xo

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