Beauty Bag

Beauty Bag The never-ending search for the perfect mascara My search for the perfect mascara continues. I feel like it is a never-ending mission and despite all of the hundreds of mascaras I buy, I do feel I'm getting closer but never fully satisfied. The latest mascara to take centre stage is L'Oreal's Miss Baby … Continue reading Beauty Bag


Beauty Bag

Beauty Bag Moisturised Sun-kissed Skin I've two new products that have become permanent fixtures in my beauty bag the past few months and I'm delighted to let you know that I only have good things to say about these two items. The first is a new product (to me) from La Roche-Posay. I didn't think … Continue reading Beauty Bag

November’s Beauty Bag

November's Beauty Bag I'm sorry to report it's a rather empty looking beauty bag this month. Not much in it but it's not all bad. I spent most of the month drooling over potential wish-list items, pretending I own all of them! Let's start with something I actually own; this tiny little beautiful bottle of lip oil heaven. … Continue reading November’s Beauty Bag